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— advance praise for 'epoch' —

book 1 in the epoch cycle

An intellectual thriller like no other, Epoch chronicles an ancient Manhattan Project and a modern race to solve the world’s oldest mathematical problem. From digital cryptography to the descendants of Alexander the Great, Epoch takes us on a high-stakes journey from the curio cabinets of the world’s greatest museums to the hidden storerooms of the Library of Alexandria.

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The Book of Ingenious Devices
coming soon: book 2 in the epoch cycle

In The Book of Ingenious Devices, the later history of the world’s first programmable computer - at the center of the events in Epoch - is explored. After the complete destruction of the Library of Alexandria, initiates in a 1500 year old pagan movement known as the Eleusinian Mysteries mobilize to salvage the best works of antiquity. They find kindred spirits at the 8th and 9th Century CE center of scholarship known as the House of Wisdom in Baghdad. To this collaboration we owe most of our knowledge of Greek Philosophy, Mathematics and Engineering. The sophistication of the Arab World’s intellectual achievement was also instrumental in maintaining secrets not yet ready for the Europe of the Dark Ages.

The Book of Ingenious Devices is currently in process. Please follow this site for details.

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Meet the author
James Addoms


James William Wentworth Addoms grew up in the small borough of Nuangola, PA – pop. 677 – where he dabbled in percussion instruments, Star Trek fandom and building (nearly) perpetual motion machines. He was educated in Washington, D.C., and Syracuse, NY. Epoch is his first novel.

'Epoch' is now available for Amazon Kindle